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2013 - Broken Toe Island (GCKG14)

Broken Toe Island (GCKG14) by OlysGirl

I've had this geocache on my to do list for several years now and finally decided to go for it. I figured I'd better not paddle the mighty Mississippi solo so Doublemoose graciously joined me for the adventure.

I loaded up the watercraft, a red 16', 2 man-power, Old Town Camper canoe. We parked at the public water access at Prairie Island. As the crow flies, it was .79 miles. But we all know crows don't fly in straight lines.. going around the bottom end of the island, and it was easily a mile each direction. Luckily, the open water was calm and only a couple of heavy boats sped by so we were able to take in the wake safely and made it to the island without getting wet.

After fifteen minutes of searching we scored the little bugger. We did the dance and fist pumped to celebrate the find of this lonely cache. Then snooped around on the island for a bit before paddling back to the landing.

Enjoy the photographs (click thumbnails for larger view)..

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