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2012 - Minnesota's 5th Annual Canoe-in Geocaching Event

Minnesota's 5th Annual Canoe-in Geocaching Event was held today, Saturday, August 18th, 2012 and was the most successful event I've held to date. Like last year, the weather was spectacular, the crowd of geocaching friends has grown, and the food was good and plentiful.

Like the previous four events, it was held in Dakota County's Miesville Ravine Park Preserve, located about four miles south of Miesville, MN and six miles northeast of Cannon Falls, MN.  The majority of geocachers paddled the Cannon River from Cannon Falls to Miesville Ravine, a 6.7 mile stretch of the river that is just gorgeous.  Others biked the Cannon Valley Trail from Cannon Falls, MN to Welch, MN.  And some geocachers just stopped in for the picnic.

I would like to thank the following:

  • My geocaching mother Norvina, who sets up and mans the shelter while we're on the water.
  • Doublemoose for stopping in to help Norvina with picnic setup.
  • Nosnow and Shadow's Friend, Commando04, the MNGCA, Dakota County Parks, and the MN DNR, all of whom provided door prizes.
  • And especially thank you to all of whom attended this event. Without you all it just wouldn't be as much fun to be on the river.

Final attendence numbers as of September 7th, 2012:

  • There were 43 RSVPs.
  • 43 have logged the event Attended.
  • 58 signatures were listed on the written log.
  • Physical headcount during the picnic was in excess of 65 attendees if you count infants and canines.
  • 6 dozen ears of sweet corn served along with a pound and a half of butter.
  • In years past, we've filled two park barrels with trash. This year, we hauled out two of our own trash barrels leaving the park with only a minimal amount of cleanup.

Lessons learned from this event:

  • Just when you think it can't get better, it does.
  • Bring more sweet corn next year.
  • I need a bigger wagon to traverse the picnic gear from the parking lot to the shelter.
  • Kayaking solo on the river was much easier than anticipated, but more tiring than canoeing.

Enjoy the photographs (click thumbnails for larger view)..

Additional pictures can be found attached to the event listing.

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