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2009 - Cannon Valley Trail, Cannon Falls, MN

I really struggle with these made up holidays; Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, you get the picture.  When Nene mentioned to me that we'd be doing something outside today as a family my interest was piqued.  When I was told that it was decided we'd go for a bike ride along the Cannon Valley Trail, I was elated, and tried with all my might to keep from showing my excitement.  This wasn't going to be a geocaching trip but it was the next best thing.

I've been on the Cannon Valley Trail before but only in short fragments while exploring around.  If canoeing the Cannon River was any indication of the views and scenery I could expect, I knew I would not be disappointed.  And I wasn't.  The trip today made clear to me that the required trail pass for this excursion is well worth the $3/each we should have paid.

The Cannon Valley Trail is a privately owned, paved bike trail, along a former railroad bed.  It stretches from Cannon Falls to Red Wing which is roughly a 16 mile ride.  Nene, Sheila, Anna, Laura and Matthew rode the first 3 miles of the trail and then headed back for a 6 mile round trip.  Molly, Ryan and me continued on and rode the trail to the Welch station for a ride of 12.25 miles.  While Molly sat and rested, Ryan and I continued another mile down the trail to grab a nearby Hybrid Letterbox (geocache).  The total distance for Ryan and myself was 13.75 miles.  Nene and Sheila drove around to Welch where we all met to make our way home.

Click thumbnail for larger view
The 13.75 mile route we followed along the Cannon
Valley Trail
Click thumbnail for larger view
A graph of the elevation profile along our route.  I'd like
to point out that the first 3 miles were all up hill.  The
little ones peddled that distance on their own using their
training wheels.

After a family dinner at Famous Daves, I called on my own mother to wish her Happy Mother's.  It was only by coincidence that a brand new cache had just been published in Farmington.  I picked her up and attempted to score the FTF on the cache.  Not only did we score FTF, but we managed to score a FTF on another cache published in the same area yesterday.

So, all in a days work, an extended bike trip, dinner at Famous Daves, geocaching with a pair of FTF's to boot..  it really is, Happy Mother's Day to me.  Thank you to my beautiful family.

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