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2009 - The Fun Side Of Pfalstad (GC1J555)

The Fun Side of Pfalstad (GC1J555) by Meralgia

The New Year was opened for me today with a geocache outing that involved an adventure underneath the city.  Along with fellow geocacher Norvina, I completed this geocache which is a traditional cache located, probably illegally, inside a storm drain underneath the University of Minnesota's east bank campus.  The cache is rated 1 star difficulty and 4 stars terrain.  The experience of entering the drain isn't all that challenging once you get past fears such as vagrants, rain storms, darkness, and odd smells.  And I hate to admit it, but this was not the first time I've been inside this location.  There used to be a different geocache inside this very location about a year or so ago.  But that was before the city refurbished the tubing, and it was much more smelly the first time in. 

We approached from the top as we parked along East River Road.  We descended down the stairs and got halfway to the entrance when one of us said.. "did you bring a light?".  Nope.  How bad could it be?  We entered the area and got nearly to the end when we decided there's no way this can be done without a light.  I raced out of the drain, back down the trail, up the icy stairs, to the car, grabbed a light, and made my way back down. Attempt #2 went perfect.  We had a light with fresh batteries, a couple of cameras, and a fresh writing utensil.  We quickly nabbed the cache, signed the log, and put it back into place only to emerge from the hole about as soaking wet as was physically possible.

UPDATE  It turns out it is in fact illegal to enter storm drains.  We do not recommend going into drains (especially when precipitation is forecast) and we pledge to never do it again.

Enjoy the photographs (click thumbnails for larger view)..

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