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1990 - U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63) Port Call, Subic Bay, Philippines

While on duty at the tropical NSD Subic Bay, Philippines, I had the privilege of experiencing the historical U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63) as it pulled in for a port call.  In reality, the Mighty Moe was pulling in for replenishment on its route to the Persian Gulf in the middle east.  We had not been expecting the famous ship and just happen to be on "beach duty" as the Missouri ran through the channel into Subic Bay, where we watched it make its way to the harbor.

As suggested by one of our enlisted crew, our commanding officer arranged for us to visit and tour the ship.  It was not like any other ship museum tour.  We got the full tour from the working crew and could more or less visit any space that was not under security patrol (engine room, ammunition lockers, etc).

Enjoy the photographs (click thumbnails for larger view)..

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