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2010 - Devil's Tower National Monument

Today while Jeannine and the girls were riding the steam train in Hill City, I rode along with Ryan and the Bowers family to Devil's Tower National Monument.  The rain had stopped just long enough for us to hike and explore around the monument.  I've been to the monument several times in my life but this was the first time I've climbed around the boulder field.  Both Ryan and I managed to hike across the entire boulder field and back without injury.

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2009 - Padre Island National Seashore

While touring through Corpus Cristi, TX, we made a short visit to the Padre Island National Seashore at Malaquite Beach.  The water temperature today was only 55°F so we didn't do much other than wade into the water up to our knees.  It didn't take long before your toes went numb.  The park ranger mentioned the fact that in the summer the water can be as warm as 85°F.  The extreme temperature fluctuation prevents much of a coral reef from forming offshore, which explains why we weren't doing very well hunting for shells.  Padre Island is also known for bird watching and turtle migrations.  Unfortunately, the only critters we observed during our visit were bird-sized mosquitoes.

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2009 - Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO

Click the thumbnail for a larger viewWhile passing through Missouri on the Great River Road adventure, one of the planned destinations was the Gateway Arch on the St. Louis riverfront.  I've travelled the greater state of Missouri many times in the past but I had never been to the St. Louis area.  And my naïveté is embarrassingly evident by the fact that I thought the Gateway Arch spanned across the Mississippi River.  Now having seen it in person I see that it would have been one heck of an engineering marvel to get the arch to cross the river at nearly a mile wide.

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2005 - Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Our first trip to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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2005 - Badlands National Park, Wall, SD

During a family road cruise to the Black Hills of South Dakota, we made a detour through Badlands National Park to take in its beauty.

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