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2008 - Garden Island State Recreation Area, Northwest Angle, MN

Garden Island State Recreation Area is part of the Minnesota State Park System.  It is located in the Northwest Angle of Minnesota, you know, that strange little bump up on the top of the state.  There are only two ways to get to Garden Island, by boat in the summer months or by snowmobile in the winter months.  Boating to the island can be done two ways.  The first way requires no international border crossings but requires that you take your life into your own hands by boating across 25 miles of wide open water.  Or, boat out of Young's Bay, which includes two different international crossings and requires a passport.

Wanting to visit the island myself and having no way to get there, I joined the Garden Island Tour with a group of fellow Geocachers, which was being organized by local geocacher Terry Reishus (Paklid).  The goal was to get as many of us together possible and charter a boat out of Young's Marina.  Not only would this help keep the costs down, but it also afforded us safety in numbers.

There were 21 of us on the adventure.  The 12 mile boat ride took approximately 50 minutes each direction.  What a wonderful place this would be to camp.

For those wishing to visit Garden Island out of Young's Marina, you should be warned that there are two international border crossings EACH DIRECTION and a passport is required.  From Warroad, you cross in Manitoba.  Once you approach Minnesota's Northwest Angle, you have to cross back into the United States.  Interestingly, the remote border crossing in the Northwest Angle requires that you speak with border officials via video-phone in a phone booth type of shack located at Jim's Corner.

Enjoy the photographs (click thumbnails for larger view)..