Random thoughts, rants, raves and photo opportunities

2016 - Cotton Fields, Pratt, KS

Not what I expected to see driving through western Kansas. For those in the south this is just no big deal. But us Minnesotans are from corn and bean country and don't get to see miles and miles of cotton fields very often.

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2016 - Mercado Central, Valencia, Spain

When exploring the world, whether it's in the great northwest, or in this case, Valencia, Spain, we always seek out the food markets to learn about what the locals eat and how they cook. After a short visit to Mercado Central, it didn't take long to observe the components of the Mediterranean diet; sea critters, fruits and vegetables, spices, very few red meats.

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2014 - Post Alley, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

During a recent stay in Seattle, WA, we explored Post Alley. Located underneath the Pike Place Market, this area is famous for one of the most vile reasons; The Gum Wall. I had the area on my list of places to explore as not only is it a popular attraction, but somewhere on that disgusting wall of germ infested gum is a geocache. If you have eagle eyes you might even be able to spot it in the pictures.

Enjoy the photographs (click thumbnails for larger view)..