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2016 - Batería Costera J-4, Cabo Silleiro, Baiona, Spain

One of the most memorable moments on our Spanish adventure was when we spent the day geocaching and urban exploring with a small group of local Spaniards. Located near Baiona, Spain, we explored Batería Costera J-4, Cabo Silleiro, or better known as, the Coastal Battery J-4, located near the Cape of Silleiro. I could find little history of Battery J-4, but it was built in the 1940's following the Spanish Civil War. There are four cannons still in place today that are connected by over 200 meters of underground tunnels and rooms. Our Spanish guide took us on a dangerous tour of the underground, leading us through dark passages, up and down rusted ladders within cramped chutes, across floors that were missing their bottoms in some spots, to each of the four gun mounts. I experienced anxiety during most of the tour and was wildly overjoyed that Nene, without question or fear, completed the journey too.

For my geocaching friends, we completed two high star geocaches while exploring these military remains. They were El túnel del pánico (GC3AMAB) and Medal Of Honor - Bunker 1 (GC44RMQ). Both geocaches deserve favorite points. I want to personally thank Abri Abi Alonso (A3sound) and Tuxa Ana Paula Afonso for the wonderful experience.

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2016 - Castro de Baroña, Galicia, Spain

On our way south through the Galician region of Spain towards Portugal, we stopped for a visit at Castro de Baroña. Originally occupied from the 1st century BC to the first century AD, this fortress was by far the oldest historical site we've experienced during our Spanish tour.

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2016 - Castro de Coaña, Asturias, Spain

Dating prior to the fourth century, very little is known about Castro de Coaña or the people that inhabited this site. We had the pleasure of visiting these historic ruins during our tour of Spain.

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