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2013 - Smallest Church in America, South Newport, GA

The notion of geocaching, the finding of hidden stuff, sounds pretty boring to most people. But I use the hobby as a way to discover things that you wouldn't otherwise see on your normal travels. On a recent pass through southern Georgia, we managed to find The Smallest Church in America. It is located just off of I-95 near the town of South Newport, GA. If you blink you will miss it.

I don't believe this cute little chapel is the smallest that I've ever discovered. But what makes it stand against the others is that it has stained glass windows and outside, it has its own little belfry tower. We signed the guestbook, dropped a little donation, and said a little prayer before heading up the highway.

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2013 - Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, St. Augustine, FL

On our route north out of Florida, we stopped to explore the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. Located in St. Augustine, FL, the cathedral is the oldest established Roman Catholic Church within the United States. Another unbelievable example of architecture of it's time, the cathedral was completed in 1797. While the cathedral has suffered from fire and other disasters over time, the look of the cathedral today is not unlike it's original look from the past.

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2013 - Selfie Gone Awry, St. Augustine, FL

While exploring the Alcazar Hotel recently in St. Augustine, FL, I attempted a self portrait in front of the historic building. The picture taken was quite comical depicting myself wearing a palm tree.

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2013 - Collier Seminole State Park, Naples, FL

We finally managed to accomplish our goal, which is to hike Collier-Seminole State Park to find Florida's oldest active geocache. Located near Naples, FL, this was the southern most point on our excursion. For those of you that don't understand Florida geography, Naples is located on the northwestern corner of the everglades. There are so many dangers in this park that you are required to check in at the ranger's office, even for a day hike.

Alligators, snakes, panthers, mosquitoes, the heat, and many other dangers lurk here, any of which can really ruin your day. Even having hiked the swampy side of the park, the only issues we encountered during our hike were the swarms of mosquitoes and the heat. Once we checked out of the park and explored further south, we finally encountered a 10' long man-eating gator.

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2013 - Now This Is A Woody, Ocala, FL

While visiting a city park in Ocala, FL, to find a virtual geocache, not only did I find the geocache, I also found that trees here get very excited and can't control themselves. Nothing more needs to be said.

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2013 - Beech Grove Confederate Cemetery, Beech Grove, TN

While on a road cruise south through rural Tennessee we pulled off the interstate to stretch our legs. Little did we know that we'd run into this little gem, the Beech Grove Confederate Cemetery, located in the unincorporated town of Beech Grove, TN.

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2013 - Plymouth Railroad, Louisville, KY

On a recent pass through Louisville, KY, quite unintentionally, we discovered the Plymouth Railroad. The PRR is a "G" scale model railroad layout that has been built into the front, side and back yard at the home of an old railroad buff. The layout contains many elements such as life-like scenes, tunnels, etc. Unfortunately, the PRR is no longer being maintained as according to the owner's wife, the owner of the PRR is now suffering from physical issues keeping him from the yard.

For anyone passing through the Louisville, KY, area, you can visit the railroad at 3902 Plymouth Road, St. Matthews, KY. St. Matthews is a suburb on the eastern side of the greater Louisville metropolitan area. The PRR is also visible on Google Street View.

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2013 - Captain Kidd's Treasure (GC1WKE4)

Geocaching friend Sparkyfry had visited what he thought was an awesome geocache during his visit to Traverse City, MI, back in August of 2011. Captain Kidd's Treasure (GC1WKE4) by GeoPirates....ARRGH!, located just south of Traverse City about 10 miles, is a pirate themed geocache that is the cream of the crop in geocaching terms. Sparkyfry insisted that I would get a kick out of it, not just because of how fun and out of the ordinary it is, but because it had an amazing similarity to a geocache that I had once hidden, Halloween 2008 BONUS: Coughin Up A Lung (GC1H32A), back in 2009. If you search flentje.com, you will find out more about my geocache. But in the meantime..

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2013 - Power Island Beach Party, Traverse City, MI

As an avid geocacher, I am not so much interested in finding the typical urban geocache but love finding geocaches that take you on an adventure. One of my goals as a geocacher is to find as many of the oldest, original, stashes that were hidden back during the early days of the activity. One such geocache is located on Lake Michigan's Power Island (originally known as Marion Island), appropriately named, Power Island (GC35). It was hidden July 16th, 2000, and is Michigan's oldest active geocache that is only accessible via boat.

When I began planning my itinerary to Power Island, I thought it would be a nice idea to host a geocaching event. It would give others that share my goals the opportunity to complete the adventure and to join in on the camaraderie and fun of geocaching as a group. I listed the event as the Power Island Beach Party (GC462H4) and really didn't expect more than a handful of interested adventure seekers. How bad did I underestimate the interest of the event? By the time the event concluded, there were seven boats in the armada consisting of over 45 known individuals that signed the log, not including some children and canine companions.

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2013 - Seul Choix Lighthouse, Gulliver, MI

Lighthouses, covered bridges, and cathedrals, three things we always make time for. The Seul Choix Lighthouse, located in Gulliver, MI, is located Michigan's upper peninsula along our route to Traverse City, MI. The light went into service in 1895 and while today it contains an aircraft beacon, the light still shines. Our group was having a debate about the pronunciation of the name. According to locals in the area, the correct pronunciation is "Sis-shwa".

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