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2016 - The City of Three Cultures, Toledo, Spain

On day two of our epic adventure across the Iberian Peninsula, we visited the City of Three Cultures, better known as, Toledo, Spain. Toledo is a gorgeous walled city an hour south of Madrid. Named after the co-existence of the Christian, Jews and Muslims, the old town of Toledo has an amazing 9th century Moorish Gate, the Puerta Vieja de Bisagra. The walled city is surrounded by the Tagus River, and the preservation of of this exquisite city means we got to see it all! We visited a metalwork factory making their famous swords with damascene inlaids (a legacy of the Moors in Spain), checked out the marzipan candy shops and enjoyed the adopted home of El Greco, the famous Greek artist who adorned this city with his beautiful work. The RHS Band and Dance group performed a concert in the Plaza de Zocodover much to the enjoyment of all. 

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2016 - A Walking Tour of Madrid, Spain

My amazing Spanish sister Cristina Cruz and her fiancé Jose and his daughter, Cristina took Bart, Anna and I on a tour of Madrid. First things first: churros and porras at Cris’ favorite shop… followed by an amazing day of MADRID!!!! We walked in Sol, ate tapas at the Mesones and took photos with the Madrid bear. Conclusion: We LOVE our Spanish family, and it was an unforgettable day.

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2012 - Garmisch Adventure

Kelly and I went up to Garmisch to check out the accommodations for summer 2012. We thought it would be really different in winter, and it was, but it still FELT like Garmisch, and we nearly disrobed and ran into the icy water. The bar and restaurant were closed, but the lodge was open and gorgeously decorated for Christmas. We toured the Beetle and it is everything we hoped for. Check it out.

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