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2016 - Paul Bunyan's Resting Place, Kelliher, MN

Maine, Michigan and Minnesota all claim to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan. But upon his death, Paul's final resting place can only be found in Kelliher, MN.

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2016 - Mount Evans, Idaho Springs, CO

Laura and I had the pleasure of spending some time with friends in Colorado this summer. Having already traveled to the top of Pikes Peek previously, we thought we'd take a stroll to the summit of the other "14-er" that you can drive to the top of, Mount Evans. At 14,271' above sea level, Evans stands 156' higher than Pike. And while the drive up to Pike is a wonderful journey that everyone should experience, it has nothing on the gorgeous and scenic journey to the top of Evans. The majority of the drive to the summit of Evans is spent above the alpine zone. You would think that the slow crawl across the barren landscape isn't worth the extra breath but it really does set you up for the most amazing vistas imaginable. It is beyond spectacular.

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2016 - Bigfoot Crossing, Colorado Springs, CO

Nene and I first discovered the Big Foot Crossing sign back in 1995. During a 2011 visit in 2011, I discovered the actual namesake of the sign was a geological feature set back 600' into the forest. While on our Rocky Mountain adventure tour this summer, Laura and I stopped in to visit Bigfoot on our way down from the summit of Pikes Peek.

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2016 - Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, La Pointe, WI

During a Memorial Day weekend camping trip at Big Bay State Park, I was able to sneak away for a three hour tour of the sea caves along Madeline Island's eastern shore. The sea caves are located within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and exploring them while paddling on the big water is an experience you will never properly experience while your planted on land. 

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2016 - Black Bear, Madeline Island, La Pointe, WI

While camping on Madeline Island over Memorial Day weekend, I was out running solo for some early morning geocaching. I had a black bear sighting that I managed to capture on film. Normally the only part of a bear you'll see is the rump as bear is running away the other direction. But what you don't see in this photograph are mama bear's three cubs 30' up the tree. She wasn't going anywhere.

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2016 - Schoolcraft State Park, Deer River, MN

Laura and Bart like to hit the camping season early to work the kinks out of the travel trailer and camping gear. This spring they headed to Schoolcraft State Park. It's located in Deer River, MN, which is about eight miles west of Grand Rapids, MN. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Schoolcraft might be one of Minnesota's smallest state parks. When we originally reserved our site, the entire campground was nearly completely booked. When it came to camping weekend, Laura and Bart were quite literally the ONLY campers in the entire park. I suspect the 3" of snow that fell on night #1 had a lot to do with park attendance.

While visiting the park, they found the park's wildflower geocache, acquired the State Park Passport stamp, and hiked the Hiking Club Trail. It was a cute little park but fru-fru campers beware, there is no electricity or showers here. And in spite of what the online Reservation System says, site #3 will be very difficult to back your travel trailer into as there is a Norway Pine tree blocking the approach.

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2016 - Plaza de España, Seville, Spain

As our Spanish adventure was winding down, our final destination was to Seville, Spain's fourth largest city. While on a walking tour of the center of the city, we came upon Plaza de España. The landmark was built in 1928 to help celebrate the Iberio-American Exposition of 1929.

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2016 - Castelo da Feira, Aveiro, Portugal

While on our grand adventure we had spent a day and a night in Portugal. On our way out of town the following morning, we stopped to visit Castelo da Feira, a medieval castle dating from the middle of the 9th century (868AD). This gorgeous relic of the Middle Ages is very well maintained and worth a visit.

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2016 - Batería Costera J-4, Cabo Silleiro, Baiona, Spain

One of the most memorable moments on our Spanish adventure was when we spent the day geocaching and urban exploring with a small group of local Spaniards. Located near Baiona, Spain, we explored Batería Costera J-4, Cabo Silleiro, or better known as, the Coastal Battery J-4, located near the Cape of Silleiro. I could find little history of Battery J-4, but it was built in the 1940's following the Spanish Civil War. There are four cannons still in place today that are connected by over 200 meters of underground tunnels and rooms. Our Spanish guide took us on a dangerous tour of the underground, leading us through dark passages, up and down rusted ladders within cramped chutes, across floors that were missing their bottoms in some spots, to each of the four gun mounts. I experienced anxiety during most of the tour and was wildly overjoyed that Nene, without question or fear, completed the journey too.

For my geocaching friends, we completed two high star geocaches while exploring these military remains. They were El túnel del pánico (GC3AMAB) and Medal Of Honor - Bunker 1 (GC44RMQ). Both geocaches deserve favorite points. I want to personally thank Abri Abi Alonso (A3sound) and Tuxa Ana Paula Afonso for the wonderful experience.

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